Miller Family Social Action Project

Project Mission

The Miller FamilyThe Miller Family Social Action Project is a program of the Jean Baker Miller Training Institute that seeks to address social problems resulting from inequitable power arrangements in contemporary culture. Using the precepts of the Relational-Cultural Theory as our guiding philosophy, the Project members will work in collaboration with diverse groups and individuals to develop programs that promote reconciliation, shared power, and mutual respect across culturally stratified relationships.

This mission is being carried out in three domains of activity: training and dialogue; direct engagement and collaboration; and thought leadership. Following are our current initiatives:
    • Thought Leadership JBMTI Faculty will be featured speakers and contributors at International Conference: A Relational-Cultural Approach to Address Violence Against Women and Children-Human Trafficking, organized by Connie Gunderson, a long-time RCT practitioner in Europe. Governmental leaders, academics, and service providers to will come together to discuss Relational-Cultural Theory and practice-oriented approaches to trafficking and violence prevention and policies. The conference is April 19-21, 2012 in Hildesheim, Germany, and is being sponsored by HAWK University of Applied Sciences, the Center for Interdisciplinary Women and Gender Studies, and the European Union Information Center.


    • Direct Engagement We are collaborating with Project Hope, a non-profit organization for homelessness prevention and intervention in Roxbury, MA to create a documentary featuring JBMTI Faculty discussing successful outcomes of RCT leadership principles. Project Hope will also pilot a curriculum we are writing that provides guidelines for implementing mutuality and RCT leadership practices in work settings.