Relational-Cultural Therapy (2009) In this book, Dr. Jordan explores the history, theory, and practice of this relationship-centered, culturally oriented form of therapy. Relational–cultural therapy is built on the premise that, throughout the lifespan, human beings grow through and toward connection, and that we need connections to flourish, even to stay alive. Dr. Jordan presents and explores this approach, its theory, history, the therapy process, primary change mechanisms, empirical basis, and future developments. This essential primer to relational–cultural therapy, amply illustrated with case examples, is perfect for graduate students studying theories of therapy and counseling as well as for seasoned practitioners interested in understanding this approach.

Praise for Relational-Cultural Therapy:

"One of the 10 most important theories today." - Dr. Jon Carlson, American Psychological Association "Theories of Psychotherapy" series co-editor

"Jordan, one of the founders of this groundbreaking theory, has provided an outstanding integration of the decades of work that culminate in relational-cultural therapy (RCT). This book is a brilliant resource and ideal teaching tool for all those familiar with the model, as well as those new to it...All providers of services would benefit from reading this gem." - Dr. Melba J.T. Vasquez, Independent Practice, Austin, TX

"Relational–Cultural Therapy is a well-written, compact introduction to one of the more recently developed therapeutic approaches that has gained a place of prominence and acceptance with many practitioners...This book, combined with a few other titles from the Theories of Psychotherapy series, would provide a solid basis for a graduate class introducing students to the foundations of the field. Bundled with the accompanying DVD, it should be even more effective in orienting novice clinicians to the tools available in their chosen profession." - Dr. Lowell Brubaker, Professor of Psychology, University of Maryland

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